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By the way, great job on all the snow removal, I was really impressed at how fast everything got cleared after the last big storm, hope that's the last of it.- Robert (Verona, NJ)
I don’t know where I will get with this but Patrick and Green Valley have been hammered with all this snow here at the complex. They have been here 3-5 times a day throughout the snow storms and have continually coordinated with me and stayed longer to help move cars around to clear out spots and help residents out on a consistent basis.
I don’t know how much we pay them, it’s not my responsibility to know but I would ask that maybe as a group we can thank them for all their hard work by maybe a little bonus or maybe a gift certificate for dinner or something just to say thank you. They have made my job run a little smoother and have saved us tons of phone calls and problems with all their hard work. If there is anything I can do as well to contribute I will without a doubt.
I know this is not our normal SOP but I believe this will go along way further than the compliments. They have been so fantastic during all these storms.
Thanks for listening.- Bill (Verona, NJ)

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